Transwoman Camila Guzman Literally Stabbed In The Back By Her Murdering Boyfriend

Camila Guzman moved to New York City from Chile nine years ago so that she could live life openly as a transwoman. She was in her 40s, had her own East Harlem apartment, an active life within the community, a handful of close friends and most recently she had met Equan Southall, her 25-year-old-boyfriend of four months.

Guzman’s friends worried about her relationship with Southall. He had been arrested several times in the past for grand larceny and possession of a concealed weapon and some of them considered theirs an abusive relationship where Southall would occasionally steal her things.

Then on August 1st, police found Guzman face down and dead in her own apartment with multiple stab wounds in her back. They arrested Southall for her death and if convicted, he’ll face 25 years in prison for second-degree murder.

They don’t know his motive for the crime—whether it was trans-related or the result of a relationship gone bad. But at least the police found the possible culprit, especially since after a month the D.C. murder of Lashai McLean in D.C. still has no arrests or suspects at all.