Offers Vague Answers To Gay Questions

Tuc Watkins Holds Queer Cards Close

So it begins… Now that he’s playing gay on Desperate Housewives, dream boat actor Tuc Watkins will be fielding questions about his own bedroom antics. Here’s his vague response to AfterElton’s needling about whether he has a “housewife” or “househusband”:

…You know if gay guys can identify with my character, then I think I’m doing my job right. And if straight people think I’m doing a believable job, then I’ve done my job.

As an actor, I think that we all…actors sort of hide behind characters that we play. I think we know a little bit too much about actors and in the advent of entertainment television programs and periodicals and things like that, actors become celebrities. But our job is sort of to be a cipher, so I sort of hide behind the characters that I play.

Desperate isn’t the first time Watkins has played gay and draws no distinctions between hetero and homo characters. Well, almost: “[When you play gay] you just employ a better sense of humor, style and class”.

Watkins obviously hasn’t been to The Cock on a Friday night.