Kneel Before Neil

TV ALERT: Oprah Visits The Home Of Neil Patrick Harris and Family

Set those DVRs! We totally want to go behind-the-scenes at the home of out, proud and cute-as-a-button Neil Patrick Harris, especially if it’s with Oprah! Yes, we want to meet his fiancé, David Burtka. And yes, yes YES we want to meet their twins Harper and Gideon! Oprah will introduce America to the most famous gay family in the nation on her show, Oprah’s Next Chapter, on her very own network OWN. Feel the good vibes all around!

Considering the political brouhaha surrounding gay marriage during this election year, Oprah couldn’t have chosen a better time to introduce America to our first celebrity gay male family. The episode airs on Sunday, June 3, at 9pm. We won’t crack any tasteless jokes about dying to see the couple’s bedroom…and for Oprah to set up a nitecam. This is about a squeaky clean all-American family after all!

It’s also great publicity for Harris, who is constantly working, and about to host the Tony Awards on Sunday June 10th on CBS. Two Sundays in a row with Neil? That’s way cooler than Mad Men!

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  • tyler

    Oprah’s the best person in America. I have so much respect for this woman

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t say they have a “notoriously private life” at all. They both have very active Twitter feeds, get interviewed all the time in print and on television, and many of those interviews have included rather intimate details about their relationship.

  • Mike

    Actually, I found out about this interview weeks ago- via NPH’s Twitter feed. So much for a private life.

  • BT

    His boyfriend is an odd guy. He works out at Equinox in Weho and walks around talking to himself – I kid you not. And since Neil got him a job on E!, he is trying TOO hard to be likeable. He’s actually a dorky guy.

  • Gary Indianna

    That was a rather ominous voice over, wasn’t it.

  • cocoa

    @BT: lol at that comment. They did also appear on “the chew” together and talked about their relationship but regardless I for one will be watching this.

  • dvlaries

    Well, enjoy him. I’m kind of exhausted of him already.

  • Ty


    what’s wrong with dorky? He seems like a nice guy. Definitely better than that prick husband of Elton John’s

  • Joe stratford

    Elton? Yuck! He is friends with limbaugh. Nuff said.

    Elton will be lucky to kiss NPH’s shoes.

    Elton. Yuck yuck yuck!!!

  • UsualPlayers

    Odd? I mean- who we to call anyone else odd? Let he that is completely normal here cast the first stone.

  • Mike

    Tyler, Oprah is a media whore and she only cares about herself.

  • Chadboy

    zzzzzz. haven’t we heard enough about these 2 over the past few years since they jump at any opportunity to be in the public eye?

  • Bob

    I saw a small preview of this interview and of course that cow Oprah had to ask if they have ever had sex with women. They were all over it about how they both have been with women. They gave the smug impression that that makes them better then the gay men that never did nor ever wanted to have sex with a woman. If she were interviewing a straight couple, would she ask if either or both of them ever had gay sex?

  • SteveC

    The correct response to her question ‘Have you ever had sex with a woman?’ should have been:

    ‘Yes, have you?’

  • Joseph

    Fame seekers, sad he used to be so nice. Also, no mention of David’s other children?

  • guest

    Really looking forward to that episode. I really like them together, they seem so cute and in love. And their kids are adorable. Everyone who doesn`t like them, you don`t have to watch the show or read this article :)

  • SteveC

    Does David Burtka have other children???

  • Lefty

    Neil Burka Harris is the greatest and most talented entertainer since Elvis.

  • 1equalityUSA

    I appreciate Oprah’s effort to show our families in a positive light. Many, inexperienced with LGBT, may hold back some venom if they learn about our community. Watching people be interviewed by someone they trust can’t hurt us. Ellen Degeneres, Don Lemon, and Neil Patrick Harris provide a less threatening bridge to some who are a heartbeat away from Pastor Worley’s world. Thanks for the support, Oprah.

  • Daez

    @Bob: Oprah has about as much control over the questions she asks as her subjects do. Especially in this case. Before an actual celebrity does an interview they get a list of potential questions and get to pick and choose which questions they want to be asked.

  • Matt

    THANK YOU for the “heads-up”. DVR set!

  • Tracy Johnson

    @Ty: Thanks Ty, I was just going to say ‘nuthin wrong
    with “dorky” as long as it’s served with a good helping of nice.

  • Bob

    @Daez: Then obviously, they loved this question! They should have just said that it is irrelevant. It would be like asking a happily married straight couple about what it was like screwing other people before they married.

  • darkorient

    David Burtka is hot.

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