“Twilight” Actor Discusses His Transgender Romance

0524-welch-inset-1The world is changing for the better in terms of people accepting and understanding each other. What’s revolutionary about this film is how ‘normal’ it feels, and I think that’s what will ultimately be the key to equal rights for all. As LGBT people become more publicly involved in various elements of society, whether media, government, social institutions such as marriage or military service, or just being out to their friends and family, the rest of society will invariably become more aware and therefore, less fearful. Gay marriage just became legal in 2 more states, and the sky didn’t fall down, the mountains didn’t crumble. Nothing changed except in the lives of those who finally get to express their love in the same way as the rest of us. Eventually, we’re gonna learn that ALL people essentially want the same things, love, respect, dignity, and acceptance.  That’s the theme of this film. It just happens to feature a transgender character. So no, I’m not worried. Haters are gonna hate, but ultimately they get marginalized and discredited over time.”

Michael Welch, who played Mike Newton in the Twilight franchise, telling Too Fab whether he had reservations about starring in his next film Boy Meets Girl, a transgender-themed rom-com.

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