secretly gay

Twitter users are asking whether these everyday actions are gay, and it’s hilarious

nervous man

It’s common for people to ask others for advice on social media. But apparently there’s a hilarious joke trending on Twitter where men ask other guys whether their everyday actions are unintentionally gay. These questions all start with the phrase, “Fellas, is it gay…?”

The joking question apparently originated in 2007 when a male Twitter user asked it was gay to like the 20-something CW drama One Tree Hill. But it has since re-emerged as a self-effacing way to poke fun at fragile masculinity and the ridiculous notion that any action could instantly turn straight men gay.

Here are some of our favorites:

Another post asked if it’s gay to make money, seeing as it’s basically collecting pictures of men.

And to all these questions, we say, yes. Everyone’s gay now. Deal with it.