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Ugandan Newspaper Discovers Gay Man Not Acting Like A Bitchy Drag Queen In Public

In news that will shock Rolling Stone to its core, the Daily Monitor finds that in the aftermath of David Kato’s murder, gay men are not walking around in their, uh, usual apparel: “He sits at a table with his fingers encircled around the tail of a glass filled with Smirnoff. He is at a Kampala nightspot and has dissolved into the crowd, looking just like any other reveller. What most people at the bar would not know however, is that he, plus a couple of his colleagues at the venue, is homosexual. He demands that his identity is hidden if he is to be quoted in the papers instead; he proposes a pseudonym, Alan Mukasa. He gives off no signs that he is gay. He’s not dressed in a tight fitting pair of jeans, commonly known as skinnies, his hair is a natural un-treated neatly trimmed black, he has no studs or earrings, wears no make-up or anything that may attract undue attention to him. ‘It’s a security precaution one has to take,’ he says. ‘The best way to hide is to fit in.'” [Ed: Yes, that’s Dennis Rodman, via]