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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Maybe it’s a case of bitter internet Gays projecting their sexuality onto the objects of their affections.

  • cambel

    SEitan, The story came from the NY Daily News and one other paper claiming that people on the set witnessed them holding hands, kissing etc… the story broke on Perez Hilton, it wasn’t started by internet gossips wanting these two little hobbits to be gay. As far as what his publicist says, is this the same as when Mary Kate Olsens Publicist said she wasn’t annorexic, when Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist said she was in the hospital for “Exaustion”, when Amy Winehouses publicist said she was in the Hospital for “Exaustion”, when Winonna Ryder’s publicist said that she only pretended to steal those clothes because she was researching a role, ….etc….. My point being, publicists are paid liars, what they say is irrelevant because their client could be giving a blow-job right in front of them and they would still pick up the phone to call and deny gay rumors, it’s their job.

  • Bitch Republic

    Maybe the publicist is telling the truth, he’s not SLEEPING with Ed, YET. ;) Maybe they’re only kissing and holding hands at this point.

  • Wondermann

    Please, this is a bad attempt at publicity for their failing TV show

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