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UPDATE: Two Men From Atlantis Cruise Plead Guilty to Indecent Exposure in Dominica

Dominica News Online is reporting that the men arrested yesterday on an Atlantis cruise ship docked in a Dominican port have pleaded guilty to indecent exposure in a Magistrate’s Court in Roseau, the capital of the small Caribbean island nation:

Two cruise tourist from California pleaded guilty of indecent exposure when they appeared in a Roseau Magistrate’s court on Thursday.

They were charged for reportedly having sex on a cruise ship, Celebrity X Cruises, docked on the Roseau Bayfront.

John Robert Hart,41 and Dennis Jay Mayer 43 were both fined EC $2,400 [about US $890].

The fines are to be paid immediately failing which they will each have to spend two months in jail.

Image by Nightstallion