USA’s Political Animals Delivers TV’s First Gay Presidential Son

Political Animals, Greg Berlanti‘s new series for USA Network debuting on Sunday, takes the phrase “ripped from the headlines” to new heights: It features Sigourney Weaver as long-suffering First Lady who becomes Secretary of State.

Gee, where have we heard that one before?

What is new, though, is that the politico’s son T.J., played by Sebastian Stan, is openly gay—and kind of a Grindr slut if the clip above is any indication. His character bio reveals he’s spent much of his life battling addictions and that “T.J.’s demons pose a constant threat to his family and his life.” Hot!

Hmm, a bad-boy gay First Son. There’s one nice thing to fantasize about if we end up with a Romney White House.

By the way, TV trivia nerds will remember Stan played a gay scion before, in NBC’s short-lived Kings.