Organize Separate Hearings On "Traditional" Wonders

Vermont Activists Align Against Gay Marriage

Some New Englanders are all sorts of scared following New Hampshire’s civil union activation. First the Civic Christian League of Maine came out against queer commitments, now the newly formed Vermont Marriage Advisory Council plans to hold “public hearings” celebrating traditional marriage.

“Stephen Cable of Rutland, the founder of the conservative group Vermont Renewal, said the formation of this traditional marriage council is in response to what he says is the pro-gay marriage leanings of the Vermont Commission on Family Recognition and Protection.

“The council will be holding forums to delegate information on the social goods that come with the institution of marriage,” Cable said Monday afternoon. “After that, the council will open up the microphone to hear from Vermonters.”

Tom Little of the original Commission says that he and his peers will “be focused on completing the public hearings we have scheduled.” He also said they they always encourage “one and all” to come to their hearings.