Veterans Organize For Fellow Soldier’s Right To Marry

colorado veteransYou can see marriage equality coming to Colorado from miles away, and here’s the latest piece of campaign: a great video about how veterans support the freedom to marry.

The video is brilliantly media-savvy: a bunch of butch men, most of them straight, rally around their gay veteran friend. The backdrop is folksy and blue-collar: a deck in a backyard, a pickup truck in a garage. And the guys are unambiguously in support of their friend.

It’s the work of Why Marriage Matters Colorado, a new(ish) organization that will be responsible for marriage equality eventually coming to the state. Already, public support is surging: a new Quinnipiac survey shows 61 percent of voters in favor, with just 33 percent opposed.

Not only is that the highest level of support and lowest level of opposition, but it’s also the lowest proportion of respondents who declined to state a position.

In addition to a public education effort, Coloradans are also suing the state over its marriage ban.