troll patrol

This video of Marjorie Taylor Greene being trolled at an airport is the best thing you’ll see all day

What do you do when you find yourself standing beside Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene at the airport baggage claim? You troll her, of course!

That’s what one TikToker did when she spotted the homophobic QAnon congresswoman less than six feet away waiting for her bags at the Atlanta airport.

TikTok user @eva_baker says she’s not great at confrontation, so instead of speaking to Greene directly, she had a loud conversation with her friend off-camera, during which she spouted her left-leaning political views.

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“I just love voting in Georgia for Democrats,” she says in the video. “That way we don’t have to get the nasty COVID spread to us.”

Meanwhile, Greene, who is seen maskless, despite federal regulations requiring that all passengers wear masks, stares awkwardly ahead, pretending not to hear the conversation, which she no doubt finds triggering.

Then comes the kicker.

“I’m a socialist,” @eva_baker adds.

The video has been viewed over 1 million times.

In addition to being a COVID-19 conspiracy theorist, Greene enjoys trolling school shooting survivors, LGBTQ people, and colleagues with LGBTQ children. One month after taking office, she was stripped of her committee assignments and condemned by colleagues from both parties after she compared wearing masks to the Holocaust.

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.