Viral behind-the-scenes video of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is sheer purrfection

Lest anyone forget, Michelle Pfeiffer is a total badass.

Over the weekend, Twitter was reminded of this fact when a video taken during filming of 1992’s Batman Returns started going viral.

Pfeiffer famously plays Catwoman in the Tim Burton-directed superhero film, delivering arguably the best cinematic take on the comic-book character (sorry Halle Berry).

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Now she’s getting more praise thanks to a behind-the-scenes clip of her whipping off the heads of four department store mannequins before jump roping away.

The crew can’t help but applaud after the director calls “cut,” and we can’t blame them.


And judging by this video she posted last year, she’s still got it:

Pfeiffer is currently nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in French Exit.