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This viral video looks very bad for “free speech warrior” Ben Shapiro

It turns out conservative pundit Ben Shapiro isn’t quite as fond of free speech when he’s losing a debate on his own turf.

The antigay commentator was speaking at a Young America’s Foundation event at Iowa State University on Tuesday when he got into an argument with a Democratic activist and former Elizabeth Warren campaign staffer about the definition of “wokeism.”

As Shapiro puts it, wokeism is the belief that “all inequalities of today are attributable to not only historical injustices but also continuing injustices in the now.”

The Democratic activist pushed back, refuting Shapiro’s definition and questioning why it is that conservatives are the only ones who define it as such.

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“You are not characterizing what I am saying accurately,” he said.

Avoiding the question entirely, Shapiro tried to cut off the conversation, saying “we’re going to have to stop this because it is going nowhere.”

The unnamed activist then said he was “just trying to understand” Shapiro’s perspective, at which point someone working for the event put their hand over the man’s microphone.

The activist complained he was “being censored,” adding: “I thought you were a free speech warrior.”

“This is absolutely amazing,” wrote Media Matters senior researcher Jason Campbell about the clip, which has since gone viral. “You have to watch it. In two minutes, all of Ben Shapiro’s ‘anti-woke’ tirades are just destroyed.”

“Ben Shapiro’s entire persona is built on speaking with miraged authority,” Campbell said in a follow-up tweet. “It’s a trick that works only when he’s not scrutinized. But underneath it all there’s just a vacuum.”

Here’s how folks are responding:

Elsewhere in the presentation, Shapiro denied the existence of trans and nonbinary people, saying, “A man cannot be a woman and a woman cannot be a man. These are basic facts.”