Angry GOP pundit Ben Shapiro thinks he “owned the libs” with his bagged wood, gets mocked instead

Right-wing pundit and former Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro can’t stand the idea that folks in Georgia are sticking up for voting rights, and he came up with an arguably less-than-thunderous way of showing it.

On Tuesday a major coalition of Black faith leaders in the state, representing over 1,000 churches, called for a boycott of Home Depot, claiming the Georgia-based company had failed to be a good corporate citizen by not opposing the state’s new voting law.

“We don’t believe this is simply a political matter,” Bishop Jackson, who led the call, said in an interview. “This is a matter that deals with securing the future of this democracy, and the greatest right in this democracy is the right to vote.”

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Home Depot, Mr. Jackson said, “demonstrated an indifference, a lack of response to the call, not only from clergy, but a call from other groups to speak out in opposition to this legislation.”

Home Depot is one of the state’s largest employers. Other Georgia-based corporations like Coca-Cola and Delta have strongly opposed the state’s new law, while Home Depot opted to largely avoid the topic.

While it’s been reported that one of the company’s founders, Arthur Blank, said privately to other business execs that he supported voting rights, another founder, Ken Langone, remains a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump.

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But back to Shapiro, who single-handedly saved Home Depot from a potential boycott when he purchased…a single piece of wood…which he then had the cashier put in a plastic bag.

He uploaded a video of the experience to his Instagram story, and the response has basically been one big LOL.

Here’s what folks are saying:

“How is this not satire?” one commenter asked.

“The context doesn’t help,” added another, who shared the beginning of Shapiro’s trip to the store:

And then came the jokes: