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Matt Gaetz is begging people for money on Twitter and the responses are hilarious

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida is begging his followers for money to help fund his counterattack against CNN for reporting about his ever-worsening teen sex/prostitution scandal.

Yesterday, 38-year-old Gaetz, who allegedly paid a 17-year-old for sex, shared a new ad on Twitter then asked people to “pls donate to help us run it a bunch!”

The tweet comes amid reports that Gaetz’s campaign is bleeding money as it scrambles to do damage control.

According to the latest campaign finance report, it spent and eye-popping $170K between January and March on a direct-mail campaign in an attempt to salvage his rapidly eroding image.

$116K of that was spent in a single day–March 31–a.k.a. the day after the New York Times reported that the Justice Department was eyeing him in a child sex trafficking investigation.

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The report also shows Gaetz paid $5,000 to sketchy Republican operative Roger Stone, who is currently being sued by the DOJ for allegedly failing to pay millions in taxes. He’s also blown hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants and TV ads.

Oh, and then there are his mounting legal fees, which are currently up to $85K and counting, according to the Daily Beast.

Here’s how people are responding to Gaetz’s plea for money…

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