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Was Portland Mayor Sam Adams Drinking Before Car Accident?


A “minor” three-car (but no injuries) accident on Sunday that embroiled Portland Mayor Sam Adams has some asking whether alcohol was involved. Adams, who’s been fingered for allegedly lying about the extent of his relationship with a then-underage Beau Breedlove, says there was no alcohol involved.

a href=””>Oregonian: “Adams was driving his GMC pickup about 6:15 p.m. at 1457 North Hayden Island Drive, near the parking lot of Car Toys at Jantzen Beach. Ryan Reed said he was turning his 2002 WRX Subaru wagon right from North Hayden Island Drive into the Car Toys parking lot when Adams’ pickup, which was behind his car, ‘T-boned’ his vehicle, striking the passenger side. Reed, an employee of the Tigard Car Toys store, said the impact pushed his vehicle over a curb, through shrubs, into another vehicle and 50 to 70 feet through the Car Toys parking lot. Reed estimated that Adams was truck was going 25 to 30 mph when it struck his car. … According to the mayor’s office, Adams thought the Subaru was turning left and tried to pass it on the right when it turned right and they crashed.”

And also?

“After the accident, Reed said that Adams asked whether he was OK. Reed said he had some back and neck pain and went to the emergency room just to make sure he was all right. [Car Toys employee Randy] Schweitz, who had run to check on the victims, told police at the scene and The Oregonian on Monday, that he was two to three feet from Adams and smelled alcohol on the mayor’s breath. ‘It seemed like beer,’ Schweitz said. Adams, through his spokesman, said ‘there’s no truth to that allegation.’ Police said they saw no indication that Adams was impaired and said they had no reason to ask the mayor to submit to a field-sobriety test. Reed also said he didn’t notice anything unusual about Adams.”