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Washington Opponents Closer To Overturning Gay Marriage Law

Right on the heels of a poll showing that the majority of Washington state voters approve of the new law allowing same-sex marriage comes the backlash to overturn the law.

In February, Washington became the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage. According to the pro-gay group Washington United for Marriage, a statewide poll shows that voters approved of the law by a 54-33% margin. 87% of Democrats gave the law a thumbs up, with Independents saying “Yes” by a 52-36% margin.

Of course, here come the naysayers, marching up the hill. Opponents are nearly ready to hand in enough signatures to put a referendum on the ballot to overturn the law. Says The Seattle Times:

Joseph Backholm, with Preserve Marriage Washington, said that the campaign for Referendum 74 has at least 150,000 signatures on hand. Backers of R-74 need to turn in 120,577 valid voter signatures by next Wednesday in order to qualify for the ballot. The secretary of state’s office recommends that campaigns submit about 150,000 signatures in order to provide a cushion for invalid or duplicate signatures.

Backholm said that his group hopes to hit 200,000 signatures by next week, and that they want to turn the signatures in ahead of a June 6 deadline, possibly as early as Tuesday.

(A similar referendum is trying to pass in Maryland.)

Luckily, Washington United for Marriage has prepared for the referendum. Spokesman Zach Silk said, “We always expected them to reach the number [of needed signatures]. We’ve been preparing our campaign to talk to voters. We believe at the end of the day they’ll side with us to uphold the law.”

The group has raised more than $714,000 to prevent the law from being overturned, while Preserve Marriage Washington only has $43,000.

With the majority of the state already embracing gay marriage, fingers crossed this referendum gets referred right to the garbage.

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