WATCH: 8 Videos That Prove Anderson Cooper Has Been Openly Gay All Along

Anderson Cooper came out to the world on Monday, and that’s really super. Really.

But at Queerty we knew the Silver Fox didn’t care for the vixens years ago. Hell, we had incontrovertible video proof. (No, sadly, not that kind of video.) If you look at Cooper’s TV appearances over the years, he was definitely letting his rainbow flag fly.

Click through to see Anderson Cooper’s gayest TV clips.


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  • Cam

    It is the same with people like Rosie O’Donnell etc…

    I think a lot of times it’s a shock to the gay community that it is a shock to the heterosexuals that these people are gay.

    I mean, Rosie O’Donnell, a ballsy single mother never dating, wearing butch clothing, etc… Yes, I know, stereotypes.

    As for Cooper, a good looking, wealthy famous guy, never dates, kind of a funny bitchy sense of humor etc…

    And yet people still think these folks are just “Too busy to date” or “Just haven’t met the right person yet.”

    I don’t get why it is such a shock, but for some reason people don’t want to see what is right in front of their faces, which is why it is so great when people like Cooper come out publicly.

  • CA

    So crying when talking about his brother suicide proves that he is gay?!
    I had to stop at that. Disgusting.

  • ron

    This obsession with Anderson Cooper has got to stop.

  • Paul

    @CA: Agreed…really in poor taste. I will never forget what my Sociology professor said in school where we were talking one night about what makes a man, and he said “it takes a real man to be able to cry and feel no shame about it”. He’s absolutely right.

    Every time I see his giggling fit on the Ridiculist always makes me smile…simply adorable.

  • Robert

    Sorry, I know you’re trying really hard to be snarky and cute with this but it positively reeks of self-hatred. I would expect to see this kind of stereotypical garbage on an anti-gay website not here. Anderson Cooper’s coming out was an important and positive step that we should want to encourage—NOT discourage—–others to follow.

  • ChrisC

    Give it a rest Queerty. You’re hating on Anderson for no reason and it’s really getting tired.

  • Scribe37

    Queerty we all knew the man was gay for years. How about getting on the story about Frank Ocean hip hop star coming out and putting out a song talking about his first love? This isn’t star who isn’t hot trying to get some attention, but a man who has worked with Jay-z and kanye in the last year, belongs in a current hip hop group and is currently getting radio play! Think guy is really brave and needs some support. Mediatakeout covered the story for the last wk, tmz jumped on it today, catch up guys. Love ya

  • Cam


    Actually great point, this is a hip hop guy who is around 20 years old who just came out while he is at the beginning of his career. VERY big deal!

  • ken doll

    How about last week on his show when he knew immediately the biggest movie musical of all time….Grease. OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crixus

    That heffa is crazy.

  • Codswallop

    Most of those clips are light-hearted and funny, and that’s fine so far as it goes, but a far better indication of who he is and what he does would be clips from the stories he’s done on gay teen suicide. Or his report about George Rekers and his ex-gay studies that are STILL being used despite the fact that his “star pupil” eventually killed himself, or his interview with Andrew Shirvell, the creepy little closet case who stalked and cyber-bullied a college student council president because he’s gay.

    Because those are the things he was doing while commenters on gay sites like this were bitching and whining about how he wasn’t sufficiently “out” to suit them.

  • Syuki

    Well I’m openly gay but I don’t OPENLY SHOUT it to the world.

    Out doesn’t mean shout.

  • WillBFair

    I don’t need to watch the clips. The nelly giggle told me everything long ago. My gaydar went off like the high note in I’ll Be There (a song by Michael Jackson).

  • MQ

    None of these videos “prove” that he is gay. Sigh.

  • Bipolar Bear

    @Codswallop: As bizarre as it may seem, the television news industry is just as hard to be ‘out’ in, even though there’s often a high proportion of mos working there. This has always been a strange paradox for me, but when you don’t feel ready or safe to come out, you still do what you can, as AC did with the stories he worked on. The deaths caused directly or indirectly by organised religion are a brave thing to highlight in such a religious nation:

  • Drew

    I agree MQ none of these “prove” that he was openly gay, since he was not. He was a total closet queen!

  • Mike

    Actually I don’t think that queerty is hating on AC but AC should be criticized for being totally closeted for decades, while Don Lemon actually had the balls to come out first.

  • Chuck

    His mom looks younger than him. O_O

  • um ya


    It was about loving his mama, not being sad about his brothers suicide. Reading comprehension FTW.

  • um ya


    You are a hateful mess. I’m sorry your life sucks so hard you try to bring others down. Maybe seek therapy?

  • Jaroslaw

    um ya – Aquarelle was more than a tad harsh in his posting, but I get what he is alluding to. 1. Rich or poor, you’re still just a “fag” to a huge number of people (2.) If someone with all his looks, talent and money can’t come out sooner, who can? And what about the many who can’t hide being Gay? I’m not hatin’ on AC, and while I’m glad he came out and agree it may help some, I think it is fair to be a bit annoyed also, for the reasons listed.

  • mk

    @Mike: Don Lemon came out at the same age as Anderson is now (45 years old), and he’d been given the relaxing experience of not being publicly outed or pressured by the gay media or having blogs making him paranoid about his privacy by obsessing endlessly about his sex life.

    Anderson Cooper wasn’t the first news anchor out of the closet, but there aren’t many out at the national level and he is coming out before plenty of other TV news people who have also enjoyed success and have been working for many years. The obsession with getting him specifically out of the closet and ignoring everyone else in news who could come out was always senseless. He came out to the world at large when he reached that point in his own process and he did not attack the gay community or gay rights before getting there, and that’s what we should ask of people just like his out peers like Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow have said before.

    TV news anchors are not normally the first wave of cultural revolutions. They join later on. It’s women like Chelsea Handler who come out about their abortions at this point in America, not female news anchors.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @mk: Whoa, Don Lemon is 45??!!! I need to get in touch with his skin care consultant. The man looks *at least* 10 years younger. And it can’t just be the make-up staff at CNN, cuz when you said AC is 45 I wasn’t really surprised …

  • Jeremy

    How do I know Anderson Cooper is gay? His TV best friend is Kathy Griffin who famously hangs out with straight girls and gay guys only. Yup.

  • mk

    @Making up stuff is fun!: Don came out last year when he was 45. He’s 46 now. Black guys age so great, really shows you how bad sun damage is because I would guess that’s the difference with white aging. Doesn’t hurt that Don is also a handsome guy.

  • Paul

    @Aquarelle: Wow…another bitter c u n t

  • shannon


  • Matt

    Jeremy who cares about Kathy Griffin she’s a media whore, not any sort of ally towards LGBT People or our rights, and her whole “My gays” crap is straight up homophobic.

    As for Cooper he’s a closet queen and I agree that Don Lemon had more balls than closet queen Cooper ever did!

  • jack

    Do the people at Queerty know that they are doing a remake of “Boys In The Band} and they are looking for some negative bitchy queers for some of the parts. You guys would be perfect. Really perfect!!!!

  • jack

    @Matt: Are you kidding me? I bought Don Lemmon’s book (unfortunately) and in less than one paragraph out of the entire book he discussed his homosexuality. Can you spell rip off?

  • JD

    Gay guys can be so damn uptight. To me, this is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. Geez. Get a grip guys. Everyone around these parts is so PC. Comments like the ones on here are the reason I never read the Queerty comments.

  • Matt

    Yeah as opposed to Closet queen Cooper who wrote a book and told all sorts of personal things in it; but did not and could not write “I’m gay.” anywhere in the book.

  • Tom Nunnery

    And why is that?

  • And Tenna

    Anderson was so hot in that leather shop:)

  • LadyL

    @mk: #23 You do raise a very good point about our obsessing about Anderson Cooper while ignoring other journalists. I can only assume that it’s simply because we like the guy, and have connected with him in a way that we didn’t and don’t with other LGBT reporters–with other reporters, period.
    Some public people have that x factor quality, that ability to reach right through the screen and really engage us–Maddow has that. And one of the things we like about her is her unassuming frankness about her sexuality. It kind of goes with her reporting style: Rachel Maddow is a great journalist and by the way she’s also a lesbian; now back to the news.
    I think we’d been wanting to appreciate Cooper in the same way–he seemed so upfront and down-to-earth and reachable about everything else; why couldn’t he talk about this? And that’s been the source of our impatience with him, I think. Also, because we like him, we’ve wanted AC to be so at ease with being gay, so cool with it, that (like Maddow) he could and would be in the vanguard of national correspondents who come out.
    You can argue that our feeling this way was neither fair nor rational, but that’s beside the point. Feelings are not pc, they are what they are. You can argue that having reported as he has on bullying, on gay marriage, on various LGBT issues, that Anderson has already signalled his queerness to us so what more do we need, but that is precisely the point– he seems to have been winking and nodding in our direction for so long that his stopping short of publicly coming out became irritating.
    IMHO, part of the reason there’s been less hullabaloo about Don Lemon is because, though he seems like a competent reporter and a nice guy, he doesn’t have half the star quality that Anderson Cooper has.

  • Michael

    Men who have memories of their mother hanging out with Truman Copote do not have to come out of any closet!
    Wow his mother is truly an exceptional person (as is he).

  • Shannon1981

    The clip about his brother’s suicide was uncalled for. I am glad Anderson came out. He knows that we, the LGBT community, knew. However, many straight folks were shocked by this. They are always in denial. This is very important.

  • Newyorkguy

    The fact any of you think Anderson Cooper was closeted is a joke. Every single person at cnn, his family and friends have always known he is gay. He surely was never hiding his sexuality in New York. Even if he was closeted it is NASTY that other gay men would be so hateful about that. As long as he is not being a homophobe I don’t think any less of him. Everyone has fears and it takes different people didn’t moments to talk about their sexuality. I guess this article was suppose to be joke but it really isn’t funny. I thought gay people have been trying so hard to not be stereotyped and classified one way or another. Not every feminine guy is gay and not every masculine guy is straight. When I go into starbucks I don’t know if the person behind the counter is gay or straight and I don’t expect him to “come out to me”. I want him to do his job just like Mr. Cooper has been doing for so long.

  • Yonnie

    Black don’t crack.

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