Glad Ad Dads

WATCH: A Chat With Real Life JCPenney Ad Dads

JCPenney’s Father’s Day gay dads are as calm and down to earth as expected. WWFA-TV, a Dallas TV station, sat down with Cooper Smith and Todd Koch and their two children, Mason and Claire. They’re on the floor, in front of a couch. OMG — it’s just like the ad!

Smith and Koch take their sudden celebrity in stride, touched by the waves of worldwide support and nonplussed by the opposition, most notably by One Million Sows, er…Moms. “Obviously we’re not ashamed of our family,” Smith said, remarking how the ad is “very tastefully done.”

It “just reflects our life,” Smith elaborated, “We care about the exact same things any other parents care about. Are our kid safe, are they happy, are they getting to school on time and have they eaten lunch yet?”

Can’t you already hear the happy sighs of heterosexual couples exclaiming, “Gay dads! They’re just like us!”

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  • Jamie

    how is that ew?

  • Dave

    I like rich white guys.

    Poor Brown Guy

  • RK

    Congrats to these guys! More power to these gay dads!!

  • Ogre Magi

    Todd & Cooper? Like from Disney’s The Fox and the Hound

  • Mitch

    These guys are media whores.

  • Gus

    *One Million Moms* should focus their energy on things like Habitat for Humanity, Best Foot Forward, Dress For Success, The Food Bank, Buddy Pack Program…..ect… know do-goodery programs where people move beyond themselves to help someone else.
    It would be horrible if Jesus came back and he didn’t recognize any of the *OMM* as being “Christians”.

  • LaTeesha

    @Mitch: As opposed to a comment whore like yourself? They got their fame and now you’ve gotten yours. Feel better?

  • LaTeesha

    @Jordan: Because a couple unable to financially support their children would be your preferred parenting model?

  • LaTeesha

    @Ogre Magi: Uh, no. The movie characters are Tod & Copper.

  • mc

    I think there’s enough negative feedback from hate groups & others like million moms, without joining in the chorus. They seemed perfectly sensible discussing this ad & adoption & gave a very positive portrayal of 2 gay dads. Giving more visibility to families like them will only make more & more people see that Million Moms & other hate groups are nuts.

  • Brandon

    *Yawn* Very wealthy gay white men who are effeminate media whores.

  • UsualPlayers

    How do you know how much money they make for a living?

  • M02

    @Jordan: Spoiler: You will die alone.

  • LaTeesha

    @Brandon: *Yawn* Another internet troll.

  • Jordan

    M02-Quit trolling. I have a partner.

  • Brandon

    There’s no point in arguing with an internet troll named “LaTeesha”.

    I’m sick and tired of seeing only white gay men who are walking stereotypes mainly represented by the mainstream media.

  • mc

    1. They seemed like people to me, not stereotypes and didn’t act any differently than the interviewer.

    2. Is it that the media only wants to see white gays represented or are they more likely to be the ones willing to come out of the closet openly? I’m just wondering if it’s more of a stigma to come out so publicly in minority communities & that’s why we tend to see less public representation. Queen Latifah, for example, had a great opportunity to come out & represent as an openly gay minority celebrity but instead went scurrying back to her closet.

  • Mark

    @Mitch: bitter and jealous are you Mitch??

  • Mark

    @Brandon: Okay, show us their bank statements Brandon. And, how do you know they went to WFAA and not the other way around?? Granted, they didn’t have to do the interview but the more mainstream america sees gay men and women as just people the better. I suggest Brandon like Mitch, take a look at your own self loathing and stop trolling and making irresponsible and inane comments.

  • LaTeesha

    @Brandon: There’s no point arguing with an internet troll name Brandon. I’m tired of self loathing gay men who don’t understand that people with non-white names can form a valid opinion and think objectively. Give it a try, Bran.

  • Dame

    Wow, they did A LOT OF airbrushing on the ad photo, huh.

  • Mitch

    Nope not jealous at all. These guys are nothing but queens who are bad stereotypes and media whores.

  • Brandon

    LaTeesha-STFU you ra cist troll. I’m black. Then again I’m sure you’d claim that my name is not “Black enough” for you. Grow up and go back into your troll cave.

  • RLS

    Why do we always see the same vaguely feminine, upper middle class white gay male represented whenever there’s an opportunity for any type of gay visibility?

    It’s really getting to the point where I want to see someone interview a genderqueer t-girl in a wheelchair just to see something different.

    I don’t think respectable, upper middle class white gay males are particularly controversial or interesting anymore.

  • LaTeesha

    @Brandon: As a black woman, I’m not surprised that you’d tell me to shut up. Really. You Internet trolls are funny.

  • LaTeesha

    @RLS: I don’t think tgirls are interesting. Different things appeal to different people. I didn’t grow up around white people or gay men so I find the mix to be interesting.

  • IDk

    @Brandon: I do agree that I would like to see a wider representation of the gay community in the media, but I do think that your anger is misplaced, and shouldn’t be directed at the two dads, but instead, the media. They are doing nothing wrong, and attacking them because they fit certain aspects of gay stereotypes is counter-productive. As stupid as this may sound to you, stereotypes are people too, and I see no reason for putting men who are effeminate – for example – down.

  • mc

    Is this the same Brandon who’s trolling on the other threads about all Jews are homophobic after the conservative Jewish Group came out in favor of Gay Marriage.

    Sounds like NOM is very busy sending out their little cut & paste representatives out trying to cause dissension within groups.

    The whole point of the JC Penny ad is to get media attention that gay families are normal so good for them for doing so. Calling them media whores=Big compliment. Hope to see more families represent & clog up the media with their stories.

    Trying to make this about race= lame NOM tactic

  • asdfadfa

    You go one million moms!!!!!! Gays make sme sick!

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