Glad Ad Dads

WATCH: A Chat With Real Life JCPenney Ad Dads

JCPenney’s Father’s Day gay dads are as calm and down to earth as expected. WWFA-TV, a Dallas TV station, sat down with Cooper Smith and Todd Koch and their two children, Mason and Claire. They’re on the floor, in front of a couch. OMG — it’s just like the ad!

Smith and Koch take their sudden celebrity in stride, touched by the waves of worldwide support and nonplussed by the opposition, most notably by One Million Sows, er…Moms. “Obviously we’re not ashamed of our family,” Smith said, remarking how the ad is “very tastefully done.”

It “just reflects our life,” Smith elaborated, “We care about the exact same things any other parents care about. Are our kid safe, are they happy, are they getting to school on time and have they eaten lunch yet?”

Can’t you already hear the happy sighs of heterosexual couples exclaiming, “Gay dads! They’re just like us!”

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