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WATCH: A secret affair resurfaces in surprising ways in this moving French drama

Two young men walk the streets of a small Parisian town while pushing a yellow motorbike between the,
Image Credit: ‘Lie With me,’ Peccadillo Pictures

Who’s ready for a good cry?

A tale of love old, new, and everlasting, Lie With Me is a moving French drama adapted from an acclaimed novel of the same name by gay author Philippe Besson.

Semi-autobiographical, the story follows Stéphane Belcourt (Guillaume de Tonquédec), a successful, middle-aged novelist returning to his modest hometown in the French countryside for the first time in years. He’s on business, working as a brand ambassador for a famous cognac, and one gets the sense there’s a reason he hasn’t been back in quite a while…

While at a brand event, he spies a familiar looking young man (Victor Belmondo) who introduces himself: He’s Lucas Andrieu, who happens to be the son of Thomas, Stéphane’s first love from back when they were both teenagers.

In a book store, and older man in glasses signs a book as he looks at a younger man across the table from him.
Image Credit: ‘Lie With me,’ Peccadillo Pictures

Lucas isn’t aware of his father’s past romance, but, for Stéphane, the encounter sends back a rush of memories: Friendly flirting leading to longing glances leading to stolen kisses leading to passionate moments of desire—all behind closed doors, of course.

For a young Stéphane and Thomas (played in flashbacks by Jérémy Gillet and Julien De Saint Jean, respectively), their love is taboo in their small town: “Staying’s a death sentence,” the say. Despite their intense connection, they find themselves pushing each other away.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Olivier Peyon, Lie With Me flits gracefully between its two timelines. One takes us back to the pain and the bliss of a teenaged affair, and the other contends with a specific kind of grief as Stéphane and Lucas wonder why the man they have in common pushed them both away.

After playing the film festival circuit to great acclaim, Lie With Me readies for an international theatrical rollout this spring and summer. U.K. based distributor Peccadillo Pictures notes the film is coming soon the theaters and streaming, with a U.S. release date expected to follow.

In the meantime, you can watch the film’s first official trailer below, so grab those tissues and hit play!: