WATCH: Adam Lambert To Perform A Madonna Tribute On VH1 “Divas Live”

Though the lineup for Vh1 Divas Live has a dearth of actual divas, one legendary lady has weighed in on the proceedings. According to host Adam Lambert, when Madonna was asked whom she would like to sing one of her songs, she chose Glambert.

The former American Idol contestant and his baby leather daddy goatee dropped by VH1’s Big Morning Buzz to discuss honoring the Material Girl and what he’s looking forward to on Divas Live. One word: Draaama


VH1 Divas Live airs December 16 at 9/8c.

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  • 2eo

    FFS Queerty, you could have said she wasn’t dead in the headline, I’m in a dead pool and I would win a very wonderful £50 if she bit it.


    leave it a couple of years then you can play her ACTUAL memorial tribute concert.

  • Brian

    If Adam thinks Madonna is a diva, he”s even more stupid than I thought. Madonna is and has always been a showgirl who uses AutoTune or other vocal tricks. She ain’t no diva.

  • DanteL

    @Brian: Not sure you should be labeling someone as stupid when you obviously have no idea what a diva is. A diva, according to Merriam Webster (if you want to get technical) is: “a usually glamorous and successful female performer or personality.” Notice they didn’t say “technically proficient singer” because being a diva doesn’t have anything to do w/ how great your pipes are. Whether they can actually sing or not is irrelevant. Susan Lucci is a diva and she doesn’t sing. RuPaul is a diva and she is nothing but auto-tune. Cher is not the world’s greatest singer by a long shot but anyone questioning her diva is suspect. Diva’s are about attitude, glamour, larger than life personalities, sass, pomp & circumstance, and getting away w/ shit that others can’t. I’m not the world’s biggest fan but nobody can dispute that Madonna has all those attributes and then some. She is a straight up diva hon-tey. Recognize.

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