WATCH: Adorable Brazilian Man Stages Flash Mob To Propose To Boyfriend

WATCH: A nervous Brazilian man enlisted the help of a flash mob to help him propose to his boyfriend.  According to a note on the video’s YouTube page (at least according to Google Translate’s translation from Portuguese, anyway), “F * F was asked to help in a flash mob for a marriage proposal, and there was no doubt that we would accept. It was a very nice gesture that will be stored forever in our memories… We wish all the happiness in the world to the couple!”

Normally we’d make some snarky remark about how flash mobs are sooo 2009, but we won’t because a) it’s Brazil, and maybe memes move more slowly south of the border, and 2) both guys are ridiculously cute.

So instead, we’ll say parabéns, senhores!

If you want to know what the song that’s playing is saying, there’s a translation here.