Desert of Hate

WATCH: Arizona Gay Couple With Kids Are Terrorized In Own Home

In a frightening tale of hate, two gay fathers and their four children in Gilbert, Arizona have been targeted in a malicious series of assaults. The family moved into their home a year ago, but for about two months now, they have faced an escalating amount of attacks that have left the kids living in fear. Pounding on the front door. Bushes set on fire. Profanity keyed into the family car. The last straw was a break-in where the criminals scrawled graffiti all over the walls in the children’s bedroom. All that’s needed is a burning cross on the lawn, and we’ve gone right back to the 1960s.

According to a poster on the blog Democratic Underground (who contacted their local media to break the story), the police have acted nonchalant about the family’s hellish ordeal. Authorities dismiss it as delinquent youth, or an attack on the neighborhood, rather than the family. Police need to investigate wee bit harder.

Anyone with half a brain can see these are targeted attacks purely because the victims are a gay family. These are premeditated hate crimes, not just youths being rowdy. The perpetrators of these crimes needs to be caught ASAP and the government officials of Gilbert, Arizona must be told so.