WATCH: Benneton’s “Unhate” Campaign Stirs Loins, Controversy


European clothier Benneton already sparked controversy with ads featuring world leaders in passionate kisses as part of a campaign for its new Unhate Foundation which seeks to eradicate intolerance.When one showed Pope Benedict XVI and a Muslim imam lip-locking, the Vatican had a hissy fit and the company to pull the ad. Of other versions featuring President Obama sucking face with Hugo Chaves and Hu Jintao, the White House cited “a longstanding policy disapproving of the use of the president’s name and likeness for commercial purposes.”

But we expect reaction will be more positive to the Unhate movie, a minute-long video featuring couples of different orientations being affectionate. One YouTube commenter says, “I love Benetton’s messages. What really matters is LOVE. Between a man and a women, two man or two women, it doesn’t matter. Love is beautiful.”

Can’t argue with that. Well, apparently some people can.