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WATCH: Can an outcast gay boy conquer high school…in drag?

Richard E. Grant in ‘Everybody’s Talking about Jamie’

Anyone needing a good, ole’ fashioned effervescent uplift, look no further than the trailer for Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, the new movie adaptation of the hit West End musical.

Based on a true story, the musical follows 16-year-old Jamie, an outcast gay boy in the British equivalent of high school. Jamie dreams of stardom, of a career performing on stage, but even his teachers discourage him from pursuing it. Jamie takes solace in his friendship with Pritti, a fellow school outcast bullied for being Muslim. Together the two begin to hatch an outrageous plot: Jamie will start performing in local drag clubs, before hitting up the prom in drag too.

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The new film version, produced by Disney and 20th Century Films, stars newcomer Max Harwood, Lauren Patel and Oscar-nominee Richard E. Grant arrives in theatres (theoretically, anyway) January 22. Have a look, and prepare to get fabulous.