WATCH: Chris Crocker Discusses Growing Up With A Mom Like Britney Spears

V magazine has profiled Chris Crocker for their “Americana Issue,” and he’s revealed some interesting details about why he so passionately defended Britney Spears during her low period. He says his mom experienced a similar drug addiction and he knew what it was like to have a mom in that state, so he felt the need to stand up for her.

Crocker, 24, is the subject of the documentary Me @ The Zoo, premiering this June on HBO. We caught Zoo at Sundance back in Januar and sat down with Crocker then to chat about how HBO picked up the doc, why he was ditching his porn career, and what exactly he said to Paris Hilton when he met her at the festival. Has he changed at all in the past few months, do you think?

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  • Mark

    I find him no less irrelevant and annoying today than yesterday.

  • Dan

    His HBO documentary is groundbreaking. Saw it at Sundance. He’s a pioneer.

  • NateB79

    This must be a very short documentary.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    He’s cute as hell.

  • NateB79

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: I have to agree with that. He’s rather easy on the eyes these days.

  • EdWoody

    I would totally fuck that.

  • MikeE

    he’s cute as long as he doesn’t move too much.. or speak. Well, even then, he’s still cute, but…

    I prefer him this way than during his initial burst onto the scene.

  • Oh, ok

    Man Hollyweird is good at what they do. Before they got this kid in their grip he was a hot mess, now he’s rather attractive. Crazy.

  • Andrew

    Am I missing something, or is Chris just very good at hiding his intelligent, handsome and cool features? He created a viral sensation with his video, generating millions of views. People were appalled and amazed by his over-the-top, über sentimental rant about the demise of a the world’s biggest popstar. That’s quite an achievement, and I can’t take that away from him. But what exactly has he done or created since that? And what cultural value, other than being exceptionally entertaining and cringe worthy, did the video have?
    Chris doesn’t sing very well (live, without auto tune and hefty editing), he’s not an actor, not very well spoken(bitchy like a teenage girl on her period, but not wise or insightful), and he isn’t exactly handsome or pretty.
    Call me conservative, but I demand a little more from my (youtube) celebrities.

  • Delius

    He’s a smart, smart man. Glad he left LA and is back home. I hope his mom is doing well. As a country we should do a lot more to help those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan – a lot more! It’s really unfair that its okay to point out that he is feminine but, I got lambasted for pointing out that the newly elected representative from Pennsylvania is a queen. Gay people are keen on picking on some fellow gays but, then others are untouchable. We as a community need to stop the inherent bullying that we perpetuate on each other.

  • Andrew

    @Delius: Him being effeminate or masculine is really his own business, even if my rant might have come out otherwise. It’s great that Chris is sharing his life story with us, and gets a special on HBO. I just don’t see why Chris is celebrated the way he is? His “leave me alone”-video was funny. But people were not laughing with him, they were laughing at him. That’s not cool or praiseworthy, is it?
    You still haven’t answered my original question; what has Chris done with his life that is so great that he needs an HBO special, let alone a post on queerty?

  • Marie Cohn

    Way too femme for porn.

  • Good Guy

    He is so watchable

  • Delius

    @Andrew: I don’t disagree with you. Half of the people who are so celebrated by sites, like this one, are not worthy. For example, so many posts on Madonna, Cher and others…yet Kate Bush makes a rare public appearance, and Queerty won’t’ cover it. It’s a shame that so many sites, including Queerty, avoid real gay icons and gay newsmakers and are only interested in those who are the loudest.

  • Olive

    Lol at all the people who only comment on how good looking he is now.

  • Gayandcoolwithit

    The reason y everyone else picks on lgbt teens and adults is coz they pick on themselve…any way i dont think hes feminine i think hes cute..with all his features…

  • Andrew

    Chris has been controversial since day one, with the Britney video, his trip to Los Angeles, the reality show, his pursuit into gay porn, and his overly graphic stage shows and youtube videos. And controversy is all what it is, nothing else. So whether you think “he’s all cute now” or not, is completely irrelevant. But you can’t actually tell me you admire him or think the way he generates attention around himself is praiseworthy!?

    And yes, I do pick on him, very proudly. I pick on him the way America picks on the Kardashians or any of the Real Housewives (of anywhere). All they do is create attention for themselves by being controversial, and don’t actually have anything intelligent to say, or any other agenda than their own fame and fortune, just like Chris.

  • James

    He looks so intelligent and well spoken now.

    But… I miss crazy eccentric, Chris. He was my life back in college!! We put his videos on repeat!!

  • Terry

    Chris Crocker is really cute.

  • John

    Cute as long as it is a still shot, the moment he opens his mouth and starts moving…nope, just a fem twink. Before long we will “call him Cait”

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