WATCH: Crack-Smoker Rob Ford’s Funniest Dance Moves

Apparently we still haven’t seen the last of Canadian weirdo and self-described former crack user Rob Ford.

He’s still Mayor of Toronto, despite being a completely vile human being. But on the bright side, it sure is fun to watch him dance. The latest twitchy video comes to us today and features a band playing “One Love.” For reasons that are unclear (and doesn’t matter anyway), Toronto City Council decided to have a jam session, and everyone kind of stood around and did white-people dancing for a while. Sweet fancy Moses!

And don’t worry that it’s mean to pick on Ford for his terrible dancing. It’s okay, because he is also a terrible person. Remember, this is the guy who refused to attend Pride events until this year (and voted to eliminate funding), and even when he showed up just stood off to the side and pouted miserably. He also said it was “disgusting” for the city to fund a charity that helped people come out of the closet. He said that HIV wasn’t a big problem since it only affects gays and junkies. And then there’s the whole “I don’t understand a transgender” remark, good grief.

We also like to point out that he said that anyone who rides a bike deserves to be hit with a car, because it’s just such over-the-top villainy.

This isn’t the first time he’s done little kicks and stuck out his thumbs. Here’re some more of Rob Ford’s greatest dance hits.