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WATCH: Gay adult film stars show what goes down when the cameras aren’t rolling in new docuseries

Reality shows are a dime a dozen. Seriously, name a career, and we can almost guarantee there’s a documentary crew following a group of people around in that field as they go about their day-to-day jobs and all the messy drama therein.

That’s why it’s all the more surprising that we’re only just now getting getting a show about the gay men who work in the adult film industry. We’re already watching these guys all the time anyway—what took so long?

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Enter X-rated: NYC, a series that’s said to provide an “insider look at the lives of iconic adult performers” as they chase their dreams in the Big Apple. You think you’ve seen every side of these guys? Well, think again.

The OUTtv original centers on four of the most successful names in the industry, with faces you almost certainly recognize: Boomer Banks, Dante Cole, Joey Mills, and Max Konnor. In X-Rated, each of these hard-working stars shows us what happens when the camera aren’t rolling on set, giving audiences an unprecedented look at what it takes to make it big.

The series is at its best when it brings its cast together—not just as coworkers, but as gay men—creating an unprecedented platform for nuanced conversations about the good and the bad of the adult film film industry. Nothing’s off the table for these four, as they share their experiences with hookup apps, safe spaces, gay for pay actors, and more.

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“Watch the show because it was made by a bunch of queer sex workers,” Topher Cusumano (whose DaddyTV produces X-Rated) told Out. “People say they want to support queer projects and marginalized groups, but they are more likely to watch a reality show not only featuring a mostly cisgender straight cast, but also made by cis straight people… I do think it’s important to step up sometimes and support community-led art.”

X-rated: NYC premiered on September 19, but there’s still plenty of laughs, drama, romance, and other surprises in store across its six-episode first season. Watch the trailer below and then head to OUTtv for more.

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