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WATCH: Gay cookie vendor harassed by farmer’s market “Karen” over pride flags

Gail Hayden

Gay entrepreneur Dan Floyd, owner of the cookie company Dan Good Cookies, has posted a video in which a woman harasses him at the Livermore Farmers’ Market in Livermore, CA over passing out Pride Flags. The woman in question happens to be Gail Hayden, director of the California Farmers’ Market Association.

The footage shows Hayden confronting him about passing out the flags, claiming that her daughter Kayla had witnessed “little kids poking each other with them, using them as swords.”

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“I don’t even care what the flags are for,” Hayden claimed. “This person may have an issue about ‘xyz.’ I’ve been in places for 40 years where they bring out fetuses and put ’em on ironing boards. My job is to run the market, not to satisfy your political point of view.” Hayden claimed that Floyd had violated Farmer’s Market regulations by distributing the flags, specifically a prohibition against distributing flyers or petitions.

“I definitely felt scared, and I definitely felt scared for my business,” Floyd told NBC News. “It definitely felt like the flags and what they represent were the target of her tirade.”

“She became very confrontational,” Floyd added. “Very condescending about the entire thing.”

Hayden has since apologized for the encounter, as has the Livermore Farmers’ Market Association. She’s also resigned as director of the California Farmers’ Market Association.

Floyd, for his part, has said he will not return to the Livermore Market. Meanwhile, Dan Good Cookies has experienced a flood of orders thanks to the attention generated by the video.

“I am experiencing too many emotions and being bombarded with too many phone calls and messages to say it any other way,” Floyd wrote on the Dan’s Good Cookies website. “Thank you for your support over these last few days. I never could have imagined people from my Livermore community and beyond would respond to this situation in such large numbers.”