WATCH: Gay Couple Marries At Fort Bragg In North Carolina

Maj. Daniel Toven and his partner Johnathan Taylor tied the knot at Fort Bragg in North Carolina last Saturday.

Since same-sex marriage is illegal in North Carolina, the couple was married in Washington, D.C. back in August, but they held the “blessing ceremony” at Fort Bragg over the weekend. The ceremony allowed the men an opportunity to exchange vows in a church with 100 of their closest friend and family there to witness it.

Toven and Taylor are the first gay couple to have a ceremony in a chapel on Fort Bragg. When asked about their life as a military couple, Taylor said, “[It] has been so normal it’s almost boring. It’s just life in the Army. It’s not the everyday gay Army. It’s just the everyday Army.”

Check out video of the happy couple leaving the chapel below.