WATCH: Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Nothing But Chick-Fil-A For Her Birthday

If you need additional proof that Gwyneth Paltrow is out of touch with the common gay person, during an appearance on Chelsea Lately the Oscar-winner says she want nothing but Chick-fil-A for her birthday dinner this year.

Handler, who considers herself a staunch ally to the LGBT folks, missed an opportunity to school Paltrow, who counts among her close gay friends Handler’s frequent guest host Ross Mathews, on the evils on the bigoted fast food franchise.

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  • skcord

    I truly feel like she is one of the greatest actresses of our time, this generation’s Meryl Streep. I know ima get skewered for that : ) but in sliding doors, proof and so many other movies I forget I am watching Gwyneth Paltrow and become ensconced in the character, which I think is the greatest testament to an actors ability. That said, she has a way of putting her coot in her mouth at every turn. I don’t think it’s malice, she is just out of touch….

  • p_stark

    In her defence, she’s been living in London for the last decade and probably didn’t hear about this issue. I’m from Australia and just had to google about why this was wrong because it didn’t make our media.

  • Deepdow

    Gwyneth Poultrow.

    Her best role was iron man because she was in it for a minute.

  • ChristopherM

    @Deepdow: No, her best role was Seven. Her head ended up in a box at the end of that movie. All movies should end with her head in a box.

  • TheMarc

    @skcord: Ok…well yes, you do deserve to be skewered a bit for calling Gwyneth Paltrow this generation’s Meryl Streep, but other than that I agree with you. She has the common touch of a princess in a tower. It’s not just this one thing. She consistently shows how uninformed and out of touch she is nearly every other time she opens her mouth to speak in public. I’m not sure if it’s snobbery and pretension or she’s just truly and genuinely that dense.

  • Kieran

    Oh no way. Why would you subject your loyal audience to six minutes of two dumb blondes blabbing away? Just show the offensive sound bite. That’s all we need.

  • boring

    Gweneth Paltrow is a nepotastic cooze who has never had to actually live the life of an actual human being and the idea that there’s any shock to be had at her lack of knowledge when she’s desperately trying to connect with the “common man” is insane, it’s fucking insane, stop it.

  • boring

    By the way, I guarantee you the name Chick-Fil-A was given ironically to her off-screen by a gay assistant as she immediately asked him for the name of a fast food place she could name-check so she could come off as relatable.

  • yaoming

    Wasn’t “Contagion” her best work? I think she got a virus and died in the first few minutes.

  • Ryan26pdx

    Slow news day? This article attempts to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • John Doe

    @Ryan26pdx: You mean you haven’t figured out yet that Queerty is mostly about drama reporting?

    Look at the “stories” that are presented. I’ve e-mailed news suggestions to Queerty and have yet to see them mentioned here. SUCH AS the very recent HIV advancements in Oregon which are a major breakthrough in possibly being able to eradicate the HIV virus. It has proven to be extremely effective in monkeys. But, finding a cure for HIV isn’t as scandalous or dramatic as other headlines that are presented to entice you to “click” on. Queerty is somewhat of the TMZ / Enquirer for gay news. We can’t be looking for much more than that. Not unless they change and broaden their focus AND pull back on their dramatic presentation of what they present.

  • Cam

    It’s interesting that one of the largest stories about the gay community in the last two years…large enough that it was covered by the mainstream media BOTH on the left and right, and yet people jump to excuse her for not knowing about it because she lives in London?

    The British news services covered the story WIDELY! Here is just one of the articles from the Guardian.

    As for Paltrows little fangirls in here. She directly, on a fairly high rated show gave a huge shout out, and a plug to an organization that funneled money not only to anti-gay efforts in this country but to support Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Mmmmm . . . chicken.

  • p_stark

    @Cam: I do not support Chick-Fil-A at all, but it is true that it really didn’t make international headlines nearly as much as it seems to have made the headlines in America. It may have been mentioned in passing and in articles, but it was never front page news around the world. Gwyneth just made a passing joke about having fast food for her birthday, I highly doubt this suddenly means she supports their agenda. She’s always been an ally to us.

  • the other Greg

    Uh, some of you guys need to look up “irony” in the dictionary.

    Paltrow of course knows about the evils of Chick-Fil-A but her joking tone fell flat for a bit. The reason Handler didn’t stop the show for a solemn lecture are: (a) it’s not that kind of show and (b) she assumes her audience knows about the controversy too.

    Really, what are the chances that a typically anorexic-looking star – who as they discuss, appears nearly nude in her next movie – is going to pig out on fast food fried chicken for her birthday? If she’d said Burger King instead, you’d have taken that at face value?

    They also joke about drinking. Believe it or not, this does not mean they are seriously promoting alcoholism!

  • GlitterKidder

    She is boring and a big nothing. Never liked her, never will. She has no talent, but a huge ego, and walks around with her big bag of bull$hit. If it weren’t for her parents she would have no fame at all… Apple? Seriously? That kid is doomed.

  • Cam


    Just during July and August of 2012 and just in one British Paper (The Guardian) with one quick google search I found 6 articles on the Chick Fil Et mess. One paper, July and August, 6 articles. That isn’t exactly unknown.

  • Ryan26pdx

    @John Doe: Actually the content seems to swing from legitimately informative to absurdly useless. Many of the comments in particular certainly demonstrate that liberals can be just as ignorantly aggressive as conservatives.

  • Cam


    Such as your comment here.

  • ChiChi Man

    @yaoming: TOTALLY. Contagion is her best work. She dies within minutes, her head is sawed open and she’s the cause of a worldwide epidemic.

    In all seriousness, she’s an okay actress, but wildly overrated. And I will never forgive her for winning Cate Blanchett’s Oscar.

  • Joetx

    A self-absorbed celebrity? No way!

    I love it when Kathy Griffin skewers this pampered princess.

  • james_in_cambridge

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from the nasty, self-centered queen of the Hollywood Mean Girls. Can’t stand the bitch.

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