Perfect 10

WATCH: Hands down the greatest gymnastics commentary of all time

There’s really nothing quite like Olympic commentary. Where else can you learn about how a gymnast pulled off a kip, hip circle, Tsukahara, or the ever-elusive Yurchenko?

British actor and TV presenter Joe Tracini has boiled down the essence of punditry and added his own, unique spin.

We could truly listen to him spout nonsense forever.

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Here’s a sample:

“Quilted wrists — folds like a crepe. Semi-detached bungalow; cinnamon opinion. Ankles, oof. Luxury balloon, vol-au-vent and a custard cream. Nice hors d’oeuvre, let down by the biscuit.”

Shared via Twitter, the video has racked up over 85K likes, with commenters describing it as “brilliant,” “beautiful,” and “thrilling.”