Grade A Beef

PHOTOS: The U.S. men’s gymnastics team are walking, talking thirst traps

With all due respect to Simone Biles and the amazing athletes of the U.S. women’s Olympic gymnastics team, we wish the male gymnasts got a tenth of the attention.

Granted, they don’t bring home the gold as often, but is that any reason to deny us some prime Grade A U.S. beef?

Gymnast Sam Mikulak, who is in Tokyo for his third (and final) Olympic Games, thinks the guys could get more eyeballs if they hit the mat topless.

“Maybe compete with our shirts off,”  Mikulak told The Wall Street Journal back in 2016. “People make fun of us for wearing tights. But if they saw how yoked we are maybe that would make a difference.”

Besides the fact that no one says “yoked” anymore, Mikulak has a point: These guys are all of legal age, they work their bodies to physical perfection, and they’re more than happy to show us the goods.

Heck, they almost never wear shirts when they’re training.

“We have great physiques,” former Team USA member Jake Dalton told the Journal. “Incredible physiques.”

It’s unlikely GK Elite, the company that designs Team USA’s leotards, will listen to Mikulak—but that’s why we have Instagram. Below, fill yourself with the Olympic spirit with the thirstiest shirtless ‘grams from the U.S. men’s gymnastics team.

Sam Mikulak

Brody Malone

Yul Moldauer

Shane Wiskus

Alec Yoder


Cameron Bock

Allan Bower

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