WATCH: Is The Thai Drag Version Of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” Better Than The Original?


On the left, we have Thai drag queen Jenny and her pal Prince doing a spot-on re-creation of  Rihanna’s video for “We Found Love” (with Jenny as Ri-Ri, obvi).

On the right, we have the Hollywood-funded heavyweight version directed by Melina Matsoukas (who also helped the videos for “S&M,” “Hard” and “Rude Boy.” It features the real Rihanna and her Chris Brown-lookin’ beau, Dudley O’Shaughnessy.

Which one do you prefer? We’re #TeamBangkok.


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  • tookietookie

    This mugly didn’t need to be redone. Watch Manila’s new video instead.

  • Drew Jones

    The Thai version is definitely better!
    #TeamBangkok #TeamJoJo

  • Scott Gatz

    Ok, I’m a geek. I synced the two up to play at the exact same moment in the song, and boy is it an amazing nearly shot for shot remake.

  • Jessie James

    Nice one. But copying is always easy.

  • BKK Princess

    It’s not just straight old copying…it’s parodying. The story shown is based on a recent photos which have come out in Thai press of a very famous Thai rock star showing him doing meth. It also has some really typical scenes if you know Bangkok or Thailand. Also the end bit in the car shows the best stream of Thai abuse and swearing I have ever heard!

    I think it is really sad actually..it shows a life that a lot of women have to live in Thailand, rather than the stereotypical Thai smile bs you too often see, or the equally horrific Thai prostitute / western man stereotype.

    BIG UPS GUYS! Keep em coming x

  • stevoj

    -_- the original… obvi

  • Andy

    Rihanna’s is about drug addicts who think they’re in love. The Drag version is about lovers who think they’re drug addicts. Totally different videos, with totally different messages.

  • Pin

    Team bangkok for sure considered that their budget was just 3000 baht or about 100 us dollar.

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