WATCH: James Franco Sings Selena Gomez’s “Love Song”

Yeah, we know it’s just a bit of early promotion for their movie, Spring Breakers, but we still swooned when we saw this clip of James Franco singing along to Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like A Love Song.” Acting, writing, teaching, now lip-syncing? Is there anything Franco can’t do? And yes, we’d so hit that—corn rows and all.

FYI, Spring Breakers, due out next year, sees Gomez as one of a quartet of college co-eds who get mixed up in some heavy shit while trying to finance their spring-break vacation. Franco plays the drug dealer who bails them out of jail and becomes the Charlie to the girls’ Angels.





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  • MEJ

    God, what a media whore.

  • Chris

    I agree – I’m SO sick of him.

  • Ok, ok

    I’m trying to pull my eyes away from those cornrows but I can’t.

  • Dave

    Ugh yeah Franco is a media whore and closet queen.

  • John

    I dont get it….hes not hot and we’re the same age but he looks a ton older then he is.

  • Elena

    @Ok, ok:

    Exactly! Hot mess or awesome? I can’t decide…

  • dudley

    i’d marry him in a heart beat and attempt to have his children.

  • Rockery


    Yes! He is HOT, what are these people talking about? one of my top 5 in Hollywood, I would do whatever he would allow me to

  • newportxwhore

    Yeah such a media whore , FOH He is having fun being silly.and singing a good song . Closet case … Maybe but not a media whore for this .

  • DenverBarbie

    Unfortunately, I think Ru would ask him to sashay away- lip-synching ain’t his strong suit.
    I say this with love, baby, definitely stick to sucking prosthetic cocks.
    Or acting. I guess you do that pretty well, too.

  • jacknasty

    well I was an extra on Lovelace and got to stand a few feet from him and he is absolutely gorgeous in person. He also seemed nice enough, but he was only there a few hours that day…nothing too remarkable one way or the other in terms of getting a read on his personality.

  • Kay1727

    He’s so funny, his hair’s like this for his upcoming movie. <3
    He's not only a good actor, he's cute.

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