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WATCH: Judi Dench Dubbed ‘Fag Hag’ By Elton John

As if there aren’t enough reasons to adore Judi Dench, add freewheeling gay clubber to her long list of selling points. In the above clip, Graham Norton grills Judi on a particularly wild night on the town at London mega-club Heaven — an evening she clearly has trouble remembering (how many vodkas does it take to quench the Dench?).

The experience is a bonafide gay grand slam. At bat is Dame Judi, with Graham Norton, Heaven and Elton John loading up the bases. Here comes the pitch — it looks like she might miss but then oh! — there’s Cher to lend some sequenced magic and send the ball out of the park. And hey Elton, Judi is much more fruit fly than fag hag.

It goes without saying, but Judi, you’re simply adorable and we love you. Lucky for us your new film, Philomena, opens today and it looks fantastic! See you at the pictures.

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