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Watch: Lesbians Brawl At Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival

At Sunday’s Carnival kick-off to the three-week Midsumma event in Melbourne — where tens of thousands (including Matthew Mitcham!) gathered along the Yarra River, bringing their own booze to witness the “showcase of all the queer culture” (basically, a big concert) — performances by X Factor‘s Hayley Teal and the cast of Xanadu were overshadowed by a group of lesbians throwing down with each other. Thanks for the free show, ladies!

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  • randy

    They were probably fighting over a dead rotting tuna somebody threw in the middle of them.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Goddamn! You can’t take dykes anywhere.

  • ron

    T’aint fittin’

  • redball

    Random, messy, and uncalled for. What?!

  • Liberator Émigré Éire

    Even straight Australian women are like a civilised country’s lesbians. I’d hate to meet an Aussie dyke…

  • Peter Williams

    I thought Lesbians were supposed to be gay friendly.

  • Chris

    Wow….one of the worlds largest gay events and all you could report was a cat fight.
    Please queerty, practice journalism every once in a while.

  • chpinnlr

    lesbian landslide…hahaha!

  • Davey Wavey's Vagina Monologue

    Is that what passes for a fight now? Boring.

  • Sally Goldner

    While the behaviour is not satisfactory, I’d like to know what the proof is that the women in this mere push and shove are lesbians. Have they been interrograted by some form of identity police? Was every woman at Carnival a lesbian?

    Are altercations in wider society referred to as “heterosexual brawls?”

    As for the sexist and racist comments under this video (with the exception of Chris – good work) the less said the better.

  • Liberator Émigré Éire

    @Sally Goldner: Racist? Since when were Australians a “race” – unless you’re referring to the indigenous people from whom the continent was brutally stolen.

    Aussies – always so quick to cry “RACISM!” The irony!

  • Sally Goldner


    The remarks in comment number 5 clearly make a derogatory generalised remark about Australian women. Splitting hairs about race or nationality doesn’t change that an dosen’t excuse the prejudice in the remark.

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