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WATCH: Max Emerson has to bare it all if he wants to hang in this exclusive ‘EastSiders’ clip

If you haven’t checked out Eastsiders, the often hilarious (and dark) Emmy-nominated web-series about gay life in Los Angeles, you have some catching up to do!

The show is now in its third season and this time around, the gang is hitting the road. Series creator Kit Williamson and Van Hansis star as couple Cal and Thom, and their long drive west from New York to LA is fraught with hurdles.

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In an exclusive Queerty clip, a stop in Palm Springs finds actor Stephen Guarino, Max Emerson and Willam Belli poolside. Willam has a special request for Emerson if he wants to indulge — will he or won’t he? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

EastSiders season 3 is currently available on digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, WolfeOnDemand).

Watch below: