WATCH: Mike Munich Gets Dirty While Looking For Love

Out musician Mike Munich might not be a household name just yet, but you’ll likely recognize him from appearances in Gaga’s videos for “Alejandro” and “Born This Way,” among numerous others. He’s been steadily building an impressive resume of his own work, including his latest “Love at War.”

The singer-dancer chatted with Queerty about his latest solo project, which he calls his most personal to date.

“It reveals a part of me that I’ve spent so much time trying to hide,” says the photogenic performer. This video is about the frustration and confusion of wanting to fall in love but feeling like there is some cosmic force preventing it from happening.”

Munich says the girl in the video represents love goddess Aphrodite.

“She’s gone rogue,” he adds. “She’s had it with finding love for everyone else so now she is stealing the hearts of anyone she encounters. She symbolizes the feeling of a cosmic force standing in the way of being able to fall in love.”

We’re skeptical this guy ever has problems finding romance.

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  • weatherwaxes

    This is really bad.

  • CaptainFabulous

    So so pretty. But I can’t help feel like chatting with him would be a lot like trying to have a conversation with Ryan Lochte.

  • RandallSM


    You should totally stick to posting pics of hot guys, because your music journalism is shit.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I SECOND that.

  • miagoodguy

    that was just god aweful

  • sfbeast

    aphrodite indeed ! the reason the guy is having trouble with love is that he is gay and he has women in the video instead of men.

  • Dixie Rect


  • B Damion

    @ sfbeast ..I agree.
    What is up with the women in his video? isn’t he gay i mean? really.

    Also, lol…this looks like a fan video. one of Beyonce’s fanboys sending in a
    audition video for a cameo in her next music video or something like that. lol….I’m having too much fun with this comment.

  • LeNair Xavier

    Where is the artistry? Where is the individuality? Where is the creativity? Where is the honesty of the artist to who he is?

    The only reason Mike Munich was highlighted was because:
    1)he’s a good-looking blond White boy. And;
    2)the same thing that makes most music celebrities of today, with no real longevity…a management team promoting him everywhere because of he’s pretty to look at. But not much else beyond that.

    And Queerty proved me right on both counts by referring to Mike Munich as “the photogenic performer”.

    This is by no means hate or envy. This is 100% TRUTH. TRUTH as to why I am repeatedly troubled by gay media. For it promotes so few people and topics of TRUE individuality and substance.

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