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WATCH: New short ‘Profile’ explores the perils of Grindr dating

In case social distancing has you opining for the days of Grindr hook-ups, the new short film Profile has arrived to quench the thirst…sort of.

Conceived by real-life boyfriends Justin Dean and Joel Breuklander, Profile explores the insecurity complexes men experience while using apps. In particular, the film highlights how sexual racism can create insecurity and paranoia for black men who can develop a behavior of minimizing or concealing their race. The film also uses a touch of humor to explore the world of app dating, and just how bizarre interactions can get.

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Formatted in an aspect ratio to resemble the screen of a phone (which makes it easy to also watch on a phone), Profile will no doubt conjure memories for many viewers. Whether or not they’re in any way pleasant may vary…