WATCH: Nigeria’s Answer To Borat Says Homosexuality Is Killing Entertainment Industry

John Okafor is one of Nigeria’s biggest comedic actors,making his mark in “Nollywood” as a Borat-like imbecile in movies like Mr. Ibu, Mr. Ibu 2 and  Mr Ibu In London.

But Oakfor’s biggest role is that of a bigot: He went on a three-minute anti-gay rant in an interview with Golden Icon’s Ema Emerson that recently aired on national television.  “[Homosexuality] is a virus and it is killing our industry,” he opines in the segment. “If there is any way in this world that people can make them stop it or kill it, please do it.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Okafor has made condemning gays something of a life’s mission: In a 2008 interview Okafor again called homosexuality “the biggest virus” in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. “I have had experiences, but I would prefer not to mention names at this moment but to let sleeping dogs lie,” he said cryptically. “If you are one, as I always say, and you don’t want to let go of that act—keep doing it. But God is watching because the industry is getting spoiled.”

Watch the Golden Icons interview above. Sadly, Emerson keeps laughing along with Okafor—as if he were simply acting the part of the imbecile he plays so successfully on the big screen.

The hate begins around the 7:15 mark.