WATCH: Oberlin’s Soccer Team Gets So Excited “Every Time We Touch”

In August, the Oberlin College Men’s Soccer team went down Rio way to train with top Brazilian players. Well, apparently the rhythm got ’em, because the lads produced this cute (and not-too-mildly gay) parody video, set to the tune of Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch.”

We can’t say that this video, from Oberlin grad Daniel Schloss (who also did a Rebecca Black “Friday” parody), makes us any more likely to sit through an actual sporting event, but it definitely makes us wish we were an Oberlin student who knew how to kick a soccer ball.

A more, ahem, straight-up documentary about their amazing South American adventure will be forthcoming later this month. Hopefully it will still have some shirtless shaggy-haired college boys rubbing themselves in slo-mo. Go team!

Video via Daniel Schloss and OberlinCollege