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WATCH: How often does a bottom need to top to call himself versatile?

Michael Henry explores bottoms and versatility in new comic video
(Photo: YouTube)

Do some bottoms call themselves “versatile” in order to appear more appealing to potential sexual partners?

Is “Power bottom” just a different way of saying … um, “bottom”?

Are gay men thinking too hard about how they market their sexual preferences?

That’s the topic of the latest video from Michael Henry. In it, the YouTube comic tells some surprised friends that he’s now “vers” after previously being a “bottom”. His friends are doubtful of this major life change. Or “re-branding”, as they call it.

Watch below

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The conclusion? Versatile often just means bottom. And maybe the effort we put into labeling ourselves can be taken a bit too far.

Some of those who commented on the video echoed this sentiment.

“All these arbitrary titles definitely need to be clowned,” said one. “With that said there’s definitely a stigma on being a total bottom. I’m guessing it’s because a lot of gay men equate bottoming with being less than a man i.e. you’re more a woman.

“There’s a lot of dysfunctional thinking about sex that’s been carried over from the heterosexual world and this is one of them.”

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