WATCH: Olympic Diver Greg Louganis Gets “Back On Board”


His role as mentor to the US Olympic divers at the London Games catapulted Greg Louganis back into the public eye. While there, he was tracked by Cheryl Furjanic and Will Sweeney, directors of the in-the-works documentary Back on Board, which will chronicle the gold medalist’s journey from young diving prodigy and Olympic superstar to HIV-positive spokesman and dog-agility trainer. And, of course, his return to diving and the Olympics.

“So much has changed,” Louganis told Queerty during the Olympics. “We started [shooting] last year and I was just getting back into diving. Now, I’m in London, and an athlete mentor. So many twists and turns. Going through different phases of life. From where I was after Breaking the Surface, and what happened there, to where I am today it’s been a powerful experience.”

Sweeney and Furjanic are hoping to raise $50,000 on the film’s Kickstarter page by August 22nd—their goal is to have Back on Board finished for release by 2013, the 25th Anniversary of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, when Louganis won two gold medals despite having a concussion.



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  • realgay

    Greg was David Boudia’s mentor for the Olympics. David won gold in the 10m and bronze in 3m syncronized dive competitions. Why did it take so long for some diver to ask for his advice? China has dominated the diving competition for 20 years. You would think his advice being non-Chinese would be greatly wanted to non-Chinese divers. I think the male divers have finally figured out how to compete with Chinese divers. I still think it will be hard to consistently beat Chinese divers because they are trained from 4-6 years old, have a more stable lifestyle because they are guided by coaches, are highly motivated and don’t give in to nerves easily.

  • Fitz

    I live Greg! The only thing I don’t really cotton to is how easily he lets his former team off the hook for the harassment and abuse he suffered. You have to let go of that door mat mentality at some point– if not for yourself, then for the future.

  • anon

    This sorry little queen would be better off forgotten about. “Her” personality has a
    lot to do with why no major endorsement deal ever was nor ever will be signed. I worked
    on a talk show that he appeared on and saw backstage why no one in their right mind
    wanted him as a guest or really cared about his HIV status.

    I can’t take away his diving skills but in order to be a celebrity you have to be very
    careful not to get caught turning your nose up at minorities whose only mistake was to
    either smile at you or say hello, and not in a sexual way. The ironic (and funny) part was how the white guys whom he OBVIOUSLY found attractive did the same
    thing to him.

  • unclemike

    @anon: Wow, so much bitterness, and in only two paragraphs!

    Did Louganis turn you down or something? Get over it.

  • Rockery

    ummm.. who?

  • Dean

    Anon yeah I’ve heard that Louganis is a real douche as well.

    I remember made lots of accusations about his ex after his ex had died and couldn’t defend himself. Including blaming his ex for giving his slutty ass HIV since he’s a known sloppy bottom who loved to do it raw.

    I dislike him because when he had that accident that resulted in a head injury and he was bleeding all over the place, he did not tell anyone he was HIV positive (which he knew at the time) and during those emergency procedures everyone who helped him was subject to infection. He came out aftr this, admitting he was HIV position, but he placed his own secrecy above the safety of others who treated him. Don’t forget, this was an era when the use of latex gloves as not as automatic as it is today. And, after he came out, people called him brave? I don’t think so.

    By 1988, when the accident happened, it was already a universal precaution to use latex gloves. AIDS had been around for 7 years at that point, HIV had been discovered, the causes of it were known. Louganis IS guilty in not disclosing his status.

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