WATCH: Patrick Schwarzenegger Shoots Spot For Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation

His dad may be a legendary musclehead, but 18-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger is stepping up for LGBT teens and other bullied kids as part of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

The young Schwarzenegger, who modeled some damn sexy jeans last year, just recorded a public-service announcement promoting the organization’s current partnership with Office Depot, in which students can buy items school supplies with special anti-bullying messages. (Office Depot is also contributing a cool $1 million to Gaga’s group and 25% of products from this campaign.)

“The overall campaign is like a movement to spread kindness,” Patrick Schwarzenegger told Entertainment Tonight. “[Gaga] was bullied and obviously some people were cruel and mean to her when she was growing up,” said Schwarzenegger. “…Now her level of fame and success shows other kids that they can really be who they are.”


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  • LadyL

    Just watched that ET interview clip and… I dunno. I think it’s great that young Patrick is involving himself in an anti-bullying campaign inspired by Gaga’s “Born This Way,” but it would have been nice if he had said more specifically which kids tend to be the most relentlessly bullied, mentioning LGBT or gay and lesbian, rather than hinting around at it.

  • M

    Not bad, Patrick.

    Keep up the good work, and please stop hanging out with Taylor Swift.

  • Red Meat

    @M: Why not? She might write a song about him.

  • Spike

    His Mother is Maria Shriver, his Father the Gov. Arnold, he will never have to work for a living due to trust funds on both sides of his family, he has the royal blood line of the Kennedy’s, he’s tall and HOT.

    So yea, I get it, he was born that way and poor him, yes his support is nice, but hardly relateable to a 14 year old chubby lesbian living on a family farm in Ohio with parents that watch Fox News 24/7.

  • Larkin

    Well, he at least is doing something… he could be another rich, spoiled brat/whore like the Kardashians. Okay, he may be rich and spoiled but he hardly seems brattish.

  • Dumdum

    @Larkin: I totally agree and with a few more generations of opened minded young people we Queers might actually get a chance to live in peace and get married.After the old guard has died out.Yea young folks!!!

  • Aidan8

    He’s young and hot. And…. he’s trying to make a difference. Good for him. (now, can I blow him?)(did I say that?)

  • Avenger


  • Cam

    @LadyL: said…

    “but it would have been nice if he had said more specifically which kids tend to be the most relentlessly bullied, mentioning LGBT or gay and lesbian, rather than hinting around at it.”

    His dad’s publicists have been relentlessly trying to work him into a celeb status. He is doing this very old school. “i.e. publicly work with a charity that has some good buzz, but do not say anything that shows an opinion for anything that is a political issue. I mean talking about Lady Gaga being bullied insinuates that it is a charity protecting musically talented kids with an odd fashion sense from being bullied.

    He won’t say it’s for lgbt kids unless his publicists tell him it’s ok.

  • Dumdum

    I think the apple fell far from the tree. Either that or his acting abilities far out reach those of his fathers. When you are THAT rich and THAT good-looking. You can say F**k the world and everyone in it. I got mine, so piss off! Arnold (Neo-Nazi womanizing Schwarznegger.) Who has 400.million dollars. Gives to nothing, helps no one, unless it helps himself. REPUBLICAN. Long story short The kids OK.

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