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WATCH: Politician called to resign over bizarre antigay rant

In the annals of debunked homophobic talking points, there’s really nothing more prolific or versatile than “Think of the children!”

Its latest incarnation comes courtesy of a local British politician whose rant about children being shown gay “pornography” in school has earned him several calls to resign.

Glenn Williams is a Coventry city councilor who argued that children should be taught “traditional family values” and “not how to be promiscuous”, aka gay.

He based his thoroughly researched position on one anecdotal story from a local mom.

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“There are a lot of very concerned parents who are worried about what is going to be taught to very young children,” he said.

“Last week, a friend of mine who is very broad-minded…telephoned me as her 13-year-old son had come home from school and he was horrified because his teacher had given them tips – I’m sorry I’m not very comfortable about this – on how to come out — you understand what I mean — and had shown a video of two women kissing.

“Does Councilor Maton agree with me that this sort of video which bluntly I regard as pornography should not be shown in Coventry schools and what we should have is a policy that promotes traditional family values – not how to be promiscuous – but how to respect traditional family values?”

The outburst prompted laughter and groans among those who witnessed it and many members of the local LGBTQ have called on him to resign.

Warwickshire Pride called the episode “shameful.”

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“Councillor Williams is welcome to participate in our LGBT+ awareness training,” they wrote on Twitter.

“He will learn that two women kissing is not pornography, that being gay does not equate to being promiscuous (but so what if some people are), and how damaging his views/words are. Shameful behaviour.”