Rally Cries

WATCH: Rhode Island Floods the State House Demanding Marriage Rights

For the twelfth straight year, Rhode Island legislators will forgo an opportunity to grant gay residents the equal rights they deserve. That hasn’t kept demonstrators from hitting the state capitol building to show their elected officials where they stand, as they just did. Of course, the battle to have the last remaining New England state join the rest in offering same-sex marriage isn’t just an uphill battle, it’s a bloody war: Even if marriage advocates could get legislators to pass Catholic Republican Gov. Don Carcieri has promised he will veto the bill.

But there has been some news on the same-sex marriage front: Legislators granted same-sex couples rights when it comes to the death of their partners. On the one hand, it’s a slap in the face to the marriage equality movement (“We get rights only when we die?!”); on the other hand, it’s one step toward recognizing same-sex relationships. And if conservatives are fearful of such legislation, you know we’re on the right track — or at least we’ve found the path.