WATCH: Russell Tovey, Jonathan Groff Spy On Guys In “Ass-less Chaps”

If you suspected Patrick, Jonathan Groff‘s infinitely-relatable character on Looking, secretly has a pair of ass-less chaps in his closet, well, you’re incredibly intuitive. Russell Tovey, who’s joined the cast as Patrick’s boss Kevin, slyly gets the 411 on his employee while the two watch San Francisco’s famed/notorious/beloved Folsom Street Fair in this weekend’s fourth episode of the zeitgeisty HBO dramedy. “Are you into all this leather, whip, chain paraphernalia?” Tovey asks, obviously wanting the answer to be “yes, yes, YAASSS!” To borrow from an old, but still astute adage, the sexual tension between these two hotties is so thick you could cut it with a Ginsu.