WATCH: Santa Monica Community Drowns Out Westboro Baptist Church

The handful of members from the Westboro Baptist Church who came to protest outside a Santa Monica school didn’t expect the reception they received: hundreds of counter-demonstrators drowning out their message of hate.

On Monday, six church members came to Santa Monica High School with signs reading “God H8s Fags” and “You Eat Your Kids.” They were protesting the school’s gay-straight alliance.

But the local school board alerted the community and insisted it had an “unwavering commitment to teach tolerance, acceptance and compassion for others.” So students and residents amassed across the street from the protestors and within an hour the church members had disbursed.

“Our students understand that everybody has the right to their First Amendment rights, and so be it,” said board member Maria Leon-Vazquez. “But we, in this particular city, we really understand that their is no room for hatred and bigotry, so the students decided that they had to make their point this morning.”


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